Special offer for BMW i3 owners

DVDInMotion team presents special offer for BMW i3 owners:

We have created custom software which allows you to easily enable interesting features in your BMW i3. This software is installed using ordinary USB flash drive - you don't need any hardware at all. Just download the installation file to any USB flash drive and follow a couple of simple steps in your car. The software can be downloaded to the flash drive using any PC or Mac.

Currently we have 2 software packages to choose from and there is also attractive price if you buy them both at once.

Package A for $149: Enable Hold State of Charge (REx HSOC)

Now you can finally use the Range Extender in a way you always wished for. The software will add the Range Extender option to Settings menu and there you can turn on the range extender when battery charge drops below 75%.

Package B for $149: Enable USB video playback & unlock video in motion

Your navigation unit is perfectly capable of playing video files from USB flash drive. You can watch MP4, AVI, MKV and other video files in full HD resolution. We will enable the video playback capability and unlock it to work while the car is moving. With this mod your passengers can watch movies while you drive.

Package A+B: Enable HSOC + USB video + video in motion

All 3 features are available at special combined price of just $199 USD.

Limited offer: Remove the legal disclaimer screen

You can get rid of the annoying "Accept" screen showing up each time you want to use the navigation. The software is currently available as a bonus for all orders.

Online order

You can order the software online right now with PayPal secure payment. Via PayPal we accept major credit cards, too (you don’t need a PayPal account to make a payment). To order, you only need to provide the VIN number. Shortly after completing the payment you will receive a download link with instructions at the e-mail address you provide in the PayPal account. To protect your privacy, we don’t need to know your residential address or any other personal data.

To order now, please choose the desired package and fill in the VIN (chassis number) of your car. Then click on the button Buy Now. In the next step you will be transferred to the PayPal website where you can finish the payment in a secure way. You can order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Package selection:
Please enter VIN of your car:

Can I order without PayPal account?

You can purchase the product by credit card if you don't have a PayPal account. The PayPal company is processing credit card payments for us. Click on the Buy Now button and on the next page click on Continue in the part near the VISA and Master Card logos.

I have placed an order, what happens next?

When your order has been completed, software for your car will be created within next 24 hours (usually it takes much less time than 24 hours). Once the software for your car is ready, you will receive an e-mail with a download link and all instructions.


Both packages are compatible only with BMW i3 cars equipped with Navigation Professional system (option 609). If your car doesn't have navigation system, the software is probably not compatible and compatibility check is recommended prior to ordering.


DVDInMotion offers a software solution for unlocking selected features in BMW cars. It is delivered electronically in a form of a download link. This way you can enable the features in your car faster than ever.

Can I uninstall it?

The software can be uninstalled anytime easily, leaving no trace of the installation at all. This is done using the same file: The software works like a toggle switch. By running the installation procedure repeatedly you are turning the feature on and off again.

About VIN – Vehicle Identification Number

We create one software package for every car. This software is based on attributes specific to each individual car. Therefore we need to know the VIN code of each car to identify your vehicle and ensure the proper function.

The VIN number is normally located in several locations on a car. The VIN of your car can be found in the vehicle registration documents as well. It consists of 17 characters and looks like WBAKM21070CY76543.